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Meet The Staff


Owner of Go 4 It Entertainment. Rap Master DJ – G-Spot.


Everyone’s Favorite Host!!!


Super Fun Host, make sure to check her out!








Score it Girl!!!!


Started scoring trivia in fall of 2012 after playing Go 4 It Entertainment trivia for over 5 years. I am very competitive and love to play all sorts of games. Very tech savvy and loves to help people and make them happy!

Likes: Movies and Chocolate

Dislike: folded answer sheets 🙁


aime’s love affair with trivia started in sixth grade when he would race home from school to catch Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! at 3:30 every day. Friends stopped playing Trivial Pursuit with him many years ago because they never had a chance to win. The regulars at his neighborhood bar banned him from playing Buzztime trivia, especially after they started losing money from betting on the games. So what was left to do? Jaime started hosting live trivia in 2011 in order to participate without getting beat up by the angry mob of sore losers.

Strongest trivia category: Arts & Entertainment

Weakest trivia category: History

Favorite smart person: Nikola Tesla


Always there to help out!


4+ years of playing Go 4 It Entertainment Trivia made it easy for Deb to slip into her role as Score Keeper. Now, being on the “other side” of trivia night, she gleefully takes on the role of spreadsheet goddess and social hostess who tries to make time to talk and joke around with all the teams. Deb gets her geek on annually by dressing up to attend the Bristol Renaissance Fair and by working for a Haunted House . She loves to sing along to the musical clues (although off key) and is waiting for the day “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie is used as a clue.

Scott M.


Steve Z.




Steve C.


I love being a part of trivia and laying down those sweet, sweet sound effects. I have my big girl job during the day, I’m a comedian at night, and I pretend I have any sort of talent to be a DJ on Wednesdays.

Trivia Locations


Delicia Mexican Grill, Plainfield, 7pm, Host Chevy


A-Town Pizza Pub & Grill, Aurora, 7:30pm, Host Gabe

Neat Kitchen & Bar, Westmont, 7:30pm, Host Alex

Chelios Pub & Grill, Aurora, 8pm, Host Chevy


Summit Bar & Grill @ Chestnut Mountain, Galena, 7:30pm, Host Jason

Delicia Mexican Grill, Plainfield, 8pm, Host Gabe

Kegler's Sports Bar & Grill, Crest Hill, 8pm, Host Jessica

World of Beer, Naperville, 8pm, Host Adam

The Piazza, Aurora, 8pm, Host Angela

Whiskey Thief Tavern, Evanston, 8pm, Host Chevy


Buffalo Wild Wings, Plainfield, 7:30pm, Host Gabe

Hawthorne's Backyard, West Chicago, 8pm, Host Alex

Craft'd, Plainfield, 8pm, Host Timmy

Tap House Grill, Oswego, 8pm, Host Adam

Miller's Ale House, Aurora, 8pm, Host Scott

Miller's Ale House, Chicago Ridge, 8pm, Host David

Miller's Ale House, Orland Park, 8pm, Host Jessica


Taste Country Roadhouse, East Dubuque, 6:30pm, Host Jason

Tap House Grill, Hanover Park, 7pm, Host Alex

The Rivers Edge Bar & Grill, Batavia, 7:30pm, Host Chevy

Tap House Grill, Plainfield, 8pm, Host Sean

The Piazza, Aurora, 8:30pm, Host Gabe

The list shows game start times, arrive at least 15 min early to signup! Check our Facebook page for cancellations or changes.

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