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Trivia Rules

For new teams playing Trivia, please refer to the game sheet. There are six rounds of questions in the game – three questions per round. There are also 4 toss-ups, a halftime and a final question. Prior to each round, we will tell you the categories for that round. As a team, you will have 90 seconds to turn in an answer. Make sure the team name is on every answer slip. The big decision on each question is how to play your points. If you look on your score sheet in each round there are 3 boxes with the point values you can use for that round. You MUST use each point value once and only once. You can play the points in any order and you don’t have to pick the point value until after you hear the question. Make sure to put the points on the answer slip. If you turn in an answer slip with no point value, or a point value you have already used in that round, or a point value that does not exist in that round is that your points for that question will be the lowest value that you have not used.

There are bonus points for sweeping all three questions in a round. They are listed on the sheet and we will mention them as we move through the game. We will explain the halftime, toss-up, and final questions when we get to them.

1. Please do not shout out answers. This includes people not playing. If you are not playing, we appreciate if you do not shout out answers as this is a written game. Thank you.

2. Once you turn in an answer slip,we cannot tell you if you got the question correct at that time. Make sure to check the points that you are playing the question for.

3. Please no discussion between teams during the questions.

4. No team can have more than eight people, which is defined as the number of people engaged in conversation. If there are more than 8 people in a group talking, your team can be disqualified.

5. Absolutely NO use of phones for ANY reason at ANY time during the game EXCEPT during the halftime break. Please leave the playing area if needed even if you have already turned in your answer. Let’s get ready to play some Trivia!!!

Trivia Locations


BaseCamp, Lisle, 7pm, Host Gabe

Delicia Mexican Grill, Plainfield, 7pm, Host Beth



Chelios Pub & Grill, Aurora, 8pm, Host Chevy


Neat Kitchen & Bar, Westmont, 7pm, Host Chevy

Delicia Mexican Grill, Plainfield, 8pm, Host Gabe

Draft Picks, Naperville, 8pm, Host Steve

Bob's Pizza, Evanston, 8pm, Host Matt



Gippers Sports Club, Coal City, 7:30pm, Host Mike

Tavern on Broadway, Aurora, 8pm, Host Chevy

Fireman Ted's Bar & Grill, Joliet, 8pm, Host Beth

Hawthorne's Backyard, West Chicago, 8pm, Host Gabe



Tap House Grill, Plainfield, 7pm, Host Beth

Rock Bottom, Warrenville, 7:30pm, Host Steve

Gillerson's Grubbery, Aurora, 7:30pm, Host Justin

Flight Tasting Room, Yorkville, 7:30pm, Host Scott

The Sidecar Supper Club, Batavia, 7:30pm, Host Chevy

Kegler's Bar & Grill, Crest Hill, 8pm, Host Adam

The Piazza, Aurora, 8pm, Host Gabe



Galena Brewing Company, Galena, 7:30pm, Host Jason


The list shows game start times, arrive at least 15 min early to signup! Check our Facebook page for changes or cancellations.

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